Walk while you sit with Lightfeet® - the simple solution for improved blood circulation
Life doesn't have to be complicated, and you don't always need fancy equipment to improve your circulation. Now there's Lightfeet, Halicot unique pedal device. It stimulates blood circulation and assists venous return in the simplest possible way - by simulating your body's natural walking motion while you sit!

Prolonged sitting can cause venous blood to accumulate in the legs, resulting in swollen feet and ankles, fatigue, and pain. There is no doubt - we need to walk! But just ask someone who works 8 hours a day at a desk, then sits another 2 hours in traffic and another three in front of the TV, or who is recovering from surgery or has health problems that prevent getting up and around. It is hard to get all the walking exercise we need.

Enter Lightfeet. Its unique pedaling action allows you to "walk" while you sit!

How it works:
Pedaling Lightfeet causes the calf muscle at the back of the leg to contract. This contraction pushes venous blood back to the heart. In fact, the calf muscle is so powerful in its blood-moving function that physiologists often refer to it as the "peripheral heart." Natural walking harnesses this powerful blood pumping action. So does Lightfeet.

No physical effort, no strength required! Lightfeet is not a "stepper" or "exerciser" - there is no resistance. This ease of motion allows you to use Lightfeet as much as you like, without tiring, reaping the benefits of enhanced circulation all the while.

And this effortless foot movement improves venous, arterial and lymphatic circulation, as proven in the vascular laboratory. These pictures show the actual femoral vein blood velocity at rest and while pedaling Lightfeet, as monitored and recorded during a diagnostic duplex scan

  Ideal exercise for prolonged sitting and walking limitations
  Accelerates venous, arterial & lymphatic flow
  Reduces leg swelling
  Helps relieve pain from varicose veins
  Helps prevent deep vein thrombosis post-surgery or during long periods of immobility

Lightfeet is highly recommended by vascular surgeons for people with sedentary lifestyles, people who are unable to walk due to health or age, travel, etc.



























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