The BioStick is a personal device for the immediate treatment of spots, face lesions, mouth and gum ulcers, Herpes etc. using 630 nm normal red light. 

The treatment itself  is based on the fact that macrophages exposed to 630 nm low level wavelengths, release factors which stimulate fibroblast proliferation and mediators of wound repair and inflammatory process healing.

Aimed directly at the affected area of skin, the 630 nm light penetrates painlessly and safely up to 1.5 cm into the soft cell tissue and so acts on the entire site of inflammation.

In this way, the immune system is activated, the body's natural healing powers stimulated and the healing process accelerated

The BioStick heals naturally, thus is completely safe and absolutely harmless to the skin and the user health and as such hold all the relevant certificates in this regard.

The BioStick complies with the EU Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC as well as with ISO9002.

















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