Halicot Ltd is a producer and exporter specializes in the needs of today’s health care consumers. We are obliged to provide high quality and unique products at competitive prices.

The company was founded in 2000 as the exporting extension of the expanding UPL . company which was founded in the early 80th.

Our highly professional and experienced team, is deeply involved in International Commerce in general and in the health care arena in particular.

The company's head office is situated at the 12th Floor of the prestigious trade center (Textile building) which is located on the Tel Aviv Sea shore promenade.

Since the early stages of our activities, our main objective was to meet our customers requests and serve them to best of our ability. Today, our clientele benefits from our vast experience and contacts made over the years.

Indeed customer's satisfaction is our strongest asset.

We urge you to contact us and avail yourself of the opportunities we may supply and the new business ventures we can offer.

We shall be pleased to provide any further information you may require.



















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